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in the period from 24th of december 2018 to 1st of january 2019 our company will remain closed. We wish you a merry christmas, a happy start into the new year and are available to you starting from 2nd of january 2019 again as used.

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Since 26th September 2015, heating systems are also provided with the known ErP label. It can already be found on washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical devices. The label delivers information about the energy efficiency of a product by the classification of the devices into different classes.

Besides the individual systems for heat generation, also integrated facilities will be labelled by the installer. An integrated facility could consist of a heat generator, a solar-thermal energy system, a temperature controller and a peak load boiler.

For this reason, also the effects of our DigiENERGYs on the efficiency of the integrated facility have been evaluated. Due to its versatile functions, the DigiENERGY has been classified into the highest temperature controller class, class VIII.

The class VIII is defined as the following notification of the EU Commission (2014/C 207/02):

An electronic controller equipped with at least three room temperature probes, which modifies the constant flow temperature of the water flowing off the heating device depending on the overall measured deviation from the room temperature of the settings of the room temperature probes. The heating system would be controlled by modulation of its performance.

Thus, the efficiency of the heat supply has increased by 5 % according to the regulation. Although DigiENERGY offers considerably more control options, the requirements defined in the label do not reach any further.

As being an installer, please find here the necessary technical documents for the integration of the DigiENERGY into an integrated label.

Dear Customers,

Due to technical problems of the service “No-IP”, there are currently occasional faults when accessing DigiENERGY or LAN gateways via the Internet. We make a free of charge alternative available to you with our Energy Management Server (EMS) so that you can nevertheless easily and comfortably access your DigiENERGY or LAN gateway.

The serial number (MAC address) of your device is important for the one-time registration which would take less than 3 minutes.

Link to the registration:

Please find detailed instructions for the registration process here:

If you need help, we will be glad to assist you during our business hours on +49 6126 9453-0.

At the company Siemens, a change will start from the controller generation Simatic S7-300 and Simatic S7-400 to the next generation with the designation Simatic S7-1500.

The latest controller generation will be equipped with a rapid counter module, but it will only have very limited cam switch unit functionalities. For time sensitive tasks, the manufacturers of packaging machines, filling and labelling machines, printing machines and presses would still require the functionality of an electronic cam switch unit in terms of a separate hardware with very rapid and above all, a constant cycle time.

Digitronic offers an Ethernet interface in the latest electronic cam switch unit CamCon DC190, which allows communicating with the PLC controls of different manufacturers. The protocol PROFINET has been integrated in the CamCon DC190 for the exchange with the Simatic S7-1500. In this way, it is possible to program cams, to change cam or product programs, to adapt speed compensation values and, in case of need, read and write the system parameters of the electronic cam switch unit from the Simatic controller. All this will be performed with the handling and data modules included in the delivery.

The constant cycle times in the most rapid application parametrisation are at only 80¼s (micro seconds). In these 80¼s, the position and the speed are going to be recorded in the connected position metering system and the 32 digital outputs will be switched, including the speed compensation channel by channel.

Since the product lines Simatic S7-300 and Simatic S7-400 made by Siemens will be replaced in the future, mechanical engineers have to equip the next generation of their machines with the Siemens Simatic S7-1500, if they would like to bet on the controller supplier Siemens. The change will be additionally accompanied by Simens with a clear increase of the purchasing price for the present controllers.

Digitronic solves this problem for mechanical engineers from now on by using the CamCon DC190. It is equipped with 32 outputs 24 VDC onboard with a respective capacity of 500mA per output, starting from a simultaneity factor of 100%.

There are additional 16 digital inputs for a direct linking in the DC190 to sensors, actors, buttons, operating elements and the like available to the user. These links do not have any effect on the cycle time and allow product inquiries in the production process by using optical sensors, manual operating functions and safety locking. 2 inputs for SSI absolute encoders or 1 input for incremental encoders 24 VDC would be available for the position metering.

The parametrisation and programming of the CamCon DC190 has been either performed by handling modules in the Simatic S7 or by the Digitronic programming software Digisoft CamCon WEB.

Particularly for production and packaging plants of hygiene products, there are several angle-synchronous shift registers available, in order to guarantee the product tracing during the production process. A special software package is also available to control presses and automatic punching machines with integrated digital and analogue cam outputs, monitoring of the pressing force and tool protection.


Please find further information on the following website:


About the Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH

Digitronic is specialised in the industrial and building automation and supplies market leaders in the fields of packaging machines, bottling and labelling machines, glass production plants, presses and printing machines for more than 25 years.

The company has been certified according to ISO 9001 and offers electronic cam switch unit compact devices with integrated operating display, PLC modules for Simatic S7® and Allen Bradley ControlLogix®, as well as modular components with link to standard bus systems and special components for the acceleration of machines and plants, as well as switching accelerators, switching amplifiers and level converters.

We are happy about the 25th anniversary of Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH and the long-term partner relationship with our customers and suppliers associated herewith. Digitronic was founded on 12.03.1991 by Mr. Udo Senf, and has rapidly and continuously expanded itself further. With the entry of Bernd Aichele being the Managing Partner and in 1993 as Head of Sales and Marketing the brand Digitronic has been launched into the market. In order to keep up with this continuous growth, the company has moved to the newly constructed office and production facility in Hünstetten-Wallbach in the summer of 2000. By its extension of business areas in the field of Building Automation in 2002, a new chapter of the company history of Digitronic has started and has been successfully continued up to now. More than 200 customers guarantee a stable and growth-oriented environment.
With this opportunity, we would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their long-term cooperation.
We will also in the future be available for you with all our commitment and expertise.

Currently, the company is being managed by the managers Udo Senf in the fields of Development / Technique / Finances and Bernd Aichele in the fields of Sales / Distribution / Marketing.

Dear All,

The new software update for our heating and solar controller DigiENERGY has been available from the 02.11.2015 on.

Besides numerous slight improvements, this update would form the basis for the use of our new, free of charge DigiENERGY APP. With the help of the DigiENERGY APP, you can easily operate the control of the individual rooms of the DigiENERGY with a smartphone or tablet PC. While the DigiENERGY APP for Android will firstly be published at the beginning of November, the iOS version will be released at a later point in time.

Devices with the activated function "Automatic Update" will automatically be updated to the latest software version. It is also possible to manually initiate the update in the setup menu.

Important note: "downgrade" would not be possible.

If you do not require this update or if there is special programming on the device which were not created by the company Digitronic, then set your devices to "No Updates" or to "Check for Updates".
Please firstly carry out a backup of your product, in order to avoid any possible loss of data.

From 1st March, 2015, we have introduced the electronic invoicing. The invoices will be dispatched by e-mail in the PDF format. If you require the invoices to be sent to a certain e-mail account, please inform us by e-mail: mail(at) If desired, we will continue sending you the invoice by mail further on.

Law regarding energy service - We will help you to keep the new specifications!

On 31.07.2014, the Federal Government enacted the draft for the amendment of the law regarding energy service to fulfil the EU-Efficiency Directive with enormous consequences, possibly also for your company. Thus, you determine if you are affected by the article 8 of the law regarding energy efficiency which says: "Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) do not need to perform energy audits or implement the DIN EN ISO 50001." You are affected by it if your company:

  • Employs more than 250 employees 
  • Your annual turnover amounts to more than 50 million Euros or your balance sheet total exceeds 43 million Euros

The Federal Council decided the law on 06.03.2015!

You will face these decisive changes

  • Energy audits according to the EN 16247-1 every 4 years
  • First audit latest on 05.12.2015


Implementation of a validated Environment Management System according to the DIN EN ISO 50001

We will able to offer you this solution

Support in implementing an Energy Management System according to the DIN EN ISO 50001.

This is how we could offer you some help to keep the new specifications

We will get you on the safe side with the Energy Management Server EMS.

The EMS provides you the control of all consumption values accurately to the second. From considering individual fields passing the real estates up to the exact overall consumption of the year.

Continuous data recording is the condition for the implementation of an Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

For the Energy Management Server EMS, new diagrams would be available to evaluate the recorded data in the area "Benchmark". The diagrams provide a representation of the values as line or bar chart. The representation as 2-dimensional Scatter Chart in the X/Y axis system has been newly added. Furthermore, in the future a benchmark of the diagrams will also be possible with other periods of time or other objects.

The new, comprehensive software update for our heating and solar controller DigiENERGY is available from 17th November, 2014 onwards. Devices with the activated function "Automatic Update" will automatically be updated to the latest software version. It is also possible to manually initiate the update in the setup menu.

Important note! No "downgrade" would be possible.

If you do not wish this update or if there are any special programming on your device, which were not created by the company

Digitronic, then set your device to "No Updates"
or to "Check for Updates".
Please first perform a backup of your product in order to
avoid a possible loss of data.

The interface appears in a new Look&Feel.

The update includes changes and new functions:

  • Revised menu item Timers
  • Integration of Season timers
  • Up to 10 scenarios per heating circuit timer
  • Modulation of the pumps for each heating circuit
  • History of messages sent directly to the user interface