25th anniversary of Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH

We are happy about the 25th anniversary of Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH and the long-term partner relationship with our customers and suppliers associated herewith. Digitronic was founded on 12.03.1991 by Mr. Udo Senf, and has rapidly and continuously expanded itself further. With the entry of Bernd Aichele being the Managing Partner and in 1993 as Head of Sales and Marketing the brand Digitronic has been launched into the market. In order to keep up with this continuous growth, the company has moved to the newly constructed office and production facility in Hünstetten-Wallbach in the summer of 2000. By its extension of business areas in the field of Building Automation in 2002, a new chapter of the company history of Digitronic has started and has been successfully continued up to now. More than 200 customers guarantee a stable and growth-oriented environment.
With this opportunity, we would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their long-term cooperation.
We will also in the future be available for you with all our commitment and expertise.

Currently, the company is being managed by the managers Udo Senf in the fields of Development / Technique / Finances and Bernd Aichele in the fields of Sales / Distribution / Marketing.

Published on 02/08/2016