DigiENERGY in the ErP label

Since 26th September 2015, heating systems are also provided with the known ErP label. It can already be found on washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical devices. The label delivers information about the energy efficiency of a product by the classification of the devices into different classes.

Besides the individual systems for heat generation, also integrated facilities will be labelled by the installer. An integrated facility could consist of a heat generator, a solar-thermal energy system, a temperature controller and a peak load boiler.

For this reason, also the effects of our DigiENERGYs on the efficiency of the integrated facility have been evaluated. Due to its versatile functions, the DigiENERGY has been classified into the highest temperature controller class, class VIII.

The class VIII is defined as the following notification of the EU Commission (2014/C 207/02):

An electronic controller equipped with at least three room temperature probes, which modifies the constant flow temperature of the water flowing off the heating device depending on the overall measured deviation from the room temperature of the settings of the room temperature probes. The heating system would be controlled by modulation of its performance.

Thus, the efficiency of the heat supply has increased by 5 % according to the regulation. Although DigiENERGY offers considerably more control options, the requirements defined in the label do not reach any further.

As being an installer, please find here the necessary technical documents for the integration of the DigiENERGY into an integrated label.

Published on 18/04/2016