Press Release CamCon DC190

At the company Siemens, a change will start from the controller generation Simatic S7-300 and Simatic S7-400 to the next generation with the designation Simatic S7-1500.

The latest controller generation will be equipped with a rapid counter module, but it will only have very limited cam switch unit functionalities. For time sensitive tasks, the manufacturers of packaging machines, filling and labelling machines, printing machines and presses would still require the functionality of an electronic cam switch unit in terms of a separate hardware with very rapid and above all, a constant cycle time.

Digitronic offers an Ethernet interface in the latest electronic cam switch unit CamCon DC190, which allows communicating with the PLC controls of different manufacturers. The protocol PROFINET has been integrated in the CamCon DC190 for the exchange with the Simatic S7-1500. In this way, it is possible to program cams, to change cam or product programs, to adapt speed compensation values and, in case of need, read and write the system parameters of the electronic cam switch unit from the Simatic controller. All this will be performed with the handling and data modules included in the delivery.

The constant cycle times in the most rapid application parametrisation are at only 80¼s (micro seconds). In these 80¼s, the position and the speed are going to be recorded in the connected position metering system and the 32 digital outputs will be switched, including the speed compensation channel by channel.

Since the product lines Simatic S7-300 and Simatic S7-400 made by Siemens will be replaced in the future, mechanical engineers have to equip the next generation of their machines with the Siemens Simatic S7-1500, if they would like to bet on the controller supplier Siemens. The change will be additionally accompanied by Simens with a clear increase of the purchasing price for the present controllers.

Digitronic solves this problem for mechanical engineers from now on by using the CamCon DC190. It is equipped with 32 outputs 24 VDC onboard with a respective capacity of 500mA per output, starting from a simultaneity factor of 100%.

There are additional 16 digital inputs for a direct linking in the DC190 to sensors, actors, buttons, operating elements and the like available to the user. These links do not have any effect on the cycle time and allow product inquiries in the production process by using optical sensors, manual operating functions and safety locking. 2 inputs for SSI absolute encoders or 1 input for incremental encoders 24 VDC would be available for the position metering.

The parametrisation and programming of the CamCon DC190 has been either performed by handling modules in the Simatic S7 or by the Digitronic programming software Digisoft CamCon WEB.

Particularly for production and packaging plants of hygiene products, there are several angle-synchronous shift registers available, in order to guarantee the product tracing during the production process. A special software package is also available to control presses and automatic punching machines with integrated digital and analogue cam outputs, monitoring of the pressing force and tool protection.


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Published on 21/03/2016