Product discontinuation CamCon DC300

We would like to inform you about the discontinuation of our cam switch unit family CamCon DC300.

Completely unexpectedly and very surprisingly for us, we received the information from our supplier Yaskawa (formerly VIPA) that the IC chip obtained from them for the communication of the cam controller module "CamCon DC300" is no longer manufactured.

At the same time we were informed that there are no more remaining stocks.

These can also no longer be obtained from their partner companies.

We would therefore like to inform you in good time that the electronic cam switch units from the CamCon DC300 series will be discontinued from our delivery programme with effect from 31.12.2021.

As an alternative product we can offer you the cam switch unit "CamCon DC190" from the Digitronic product range.

In recent years, many of our customers have already switched to the DC190 cam controller series.
In addition to the fastest cycle time of 80uS,
 these products offer an Ethernet communication interface for connection to existing
 Siemens PLCs over PROFINET or other PLCs using Ethernet IP.

For systems using a PLC without Ethernet communication interface we have the cam switch unit CamCon DC16 with the Profibus module CamCon CP16 as an alternative product for the communication to a Siemens PLC over Profibus.

We would be pleased to arrange an appointment for the presentation of the products.

Please forward this information to the persons or departments in your company responsible for product discontinuations.


We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and our products and look forward to further cooperation with you.


Published on 25/06/2020