Product discontinuation CamCon DC50/51

We would like to inform you early with this letter, that the cam switch units
of the - CamCon DC50/DC51 - series used by you - after more than 25 years - will be
will be discontinued from our delivery program with effect from 31.12.2023.

Due to the lack of availability of the components used there, an economic production is no longer possible.
You can still purchase the product series CamCon DC50/51 from us until 31.12.2023 as usual. If you need larger quantities, please contact us.

We will be pleased to find together with you a successor product out of our cam controller program.

Arrange an appointment for consultation by phone: +49 6126 9453-0 or by e-mail to

Please forward this information to the persons or departments in your company responsible for product discontinuations.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and our products and look forward to further cooperation with you.


Published on 24/11/2021