Here you will find a compilation of information on particularly frequent
asked questions about our DigiWEB Webserver Configuration Tool.


1) How do I fix the scaling problems under Windows?

How to fix the scaling problems with the Webserver Configuration Tool

For high resolution screens, the Web Server Configuration Tool is partially
displayed distorted and not all contents appear readable.
The problem exists primarily with notebooks, tablets and PCs with 4K screens
and expresses itself for example as shown in the picture.


The distortion of the display has its cause in the scaling of Windows.
Small screens with high resolution are often scaled to 200%,
which the Webserver Configuration Tool cannot handle.
To solve the problem, the scaling of Windows must be adjusted.

The fastest way to solve the problem is to adjust the
Windows scaling to 100%. Proceed as follows:

Right click on the desktop and click on display settings

Checking the scaling


Adaptation of the scaling to 100

When the scaling is changed, the size of the entire
Windows environment also changes. For this reason
it may also be advisable to adjust the screen resolution
to ensure that the programs are clear and readable.
In this example the screen resolution was set to 1600 x 900.

Afterwards the Webserver Configuration Tool can be used as usual.
After use, the settings can be undone if necessary.