Energie Management Server


1) How can I register my device?

1. Please register on https://ems.digitronic.com

1.1. Enter the desired user name, your password, your E-mail address, title as well as name and first name

1.2. Confirm the terms of use, the privacy statement and the consent for the data access in support orders

Anmeldung EMS3

2. Then you can activate your user account by clicking on the link in the confirmation mail

3. After a subsequent login, you can also activate the device

If the device and your PC/ Laptop use the same Internet connection, please continue with item 4. If the device and your PC/ Laptop have different Internet connections, go to item 5

4. Activate the device via the same Internet connection

4.1. Type the serial number (MAC address), which you can find on the device into the field of the serial number


MAC Adresse5

4.2. Confirm the entry by clicking on the button "Activate"

5. Activate the device with two Internet connections

5.1. Type the serial number (MAC address), which you can find on the device into the field of the serial number

5.2. Enter the EasyAccessKey, which you have received from the customer support (see question 2)

6. Then you will be forwarded to your device on the tab Object Management

Special case: LAN gateway and DigiWEB before the software version 3.119

Possibly, these devices do not establish any connection to the Energy Management Server. In this case, you need to update your devices to the latest version and then adapt the configuration. To do so, open the following URL in your browser: http:[IP address of your device]/config

After the login with your user data, select the menu Update Client and enter the following command in the field Easy Access Server:

a) LAN gateway: rp.langateway.net:443:30000

b) DigiWEB, DigiENERGY: rp.ems.digitronic.com:443:30000

Then, by clicking on the button OK a connection to the EMS will be established. Then you can continue with adding your device.

2) Why do I need an EasyAccessKey for the activation and how do I obtain it?

When activating your device from the "Home Network" , we compare if the device and the PC from which you would like to log on the device are in the same network. In this case, we know that you are entitled to activate the device.

Try to activate the device via a second Internet connection; the comparison would result in two different networks. Therefore, a second security level was added, the so called EasyAccessKey. By being the owner of the device, you will obtain it from our customer support, in order that we and you may be sure that only authorised persons are allowed to access your device.

To obtain an EasyAccessKeys, please contact our customer support at mail@digitronic.com. By indicating the MAC address, your supplier and the approximate installation date, you will subsequently obtain your EasyAccessKey.

3) What is the price for the EasyAccessKey?

This service is free of charge for you.


4) Do I still reach my device on the URL m[MAC address].digienergy.info?

Up to now, these URLs were reserved for the service No-IP and can therefore no longer be used in the future. In order that you may reach your device with just a click, you will also have the option to generate a permanent link. To do so, click on the QR code icon in the device menu of the tab Object Management.


Enter your user name as well as your password in the window which opens up subsequently, select the checkbox Permanent Link and then click on the button "Generate".


Then you can copy the Permanent Link and store it for instance as bookmark in your browser.

5) Which functions are available to me in the Energy Management Server?

You can access your device by remote control via the Energy Management Server.

Furthermore, you can allow other persons, such as your installer, to access your device so that he can advise you from a distance.

However, the Energy Management Server basically serves to replace the service "No-IP� which had been used up to now. Please find further information in question 5.

6) Why is the service "No-IP" no longer used?

Until the beginning of 2016 the service "No-IP" was used for the remote access, in order to access your device via the Internet.

However, your provider assigns a new IP address for your router once per day and in doing so, shortly disconnects your Internet connection. Therefore, it is necessary to know the current IP address in order to be able to access your device at any time. The service "No-IP" allows this by releasing a port forwarding via your router.

Since lots of customers had problems in setting up the port forwarding, we decided to realize the connection of the device via the Energy Management Server, so that it became no longer necessary.

Furthermore, the Energy Management Server offers further advantages:

  • Encrypted communication
  • Higher availability
  • Easier configuration

Therefore, since beginning of 2016 new devices need to be activated via the Energy Management Server. Of course, the use of the Energy Management Servers for the remote control is free of charge.

Warum wird der Dienst „NO-IP“ nicht mehr genutzt?

Bis zum xx.xx.xxxx wurde zur Aktivierung und Nutzung der Webvisualisierung der Dienst „NO-IP“ genutzt. Da Ihr Gerät die aufgezeichneten Daten anzeigen soll, ist es mit dem Internet verbunden.

Ihr Provider vergibt für Ihren Router allerdings einmal täglich eine neue IP-Adresse und trennt dafür kurz die Internetverbindung. Um ihr Gerät jederzeit erreichen zu können, muss daher die aktuelle IP-Adresse bekannt sein. Der Dienst „NO-IP“ ermöglicht dies, indem Sie über ihren Router eine Portweiterleitung freischalten.

Da viele Kunden beim Einrichten der Portweiterleitung Probleme hatten, haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, die Anbindung des Gerätes über den Energie Management Server durchzuführen.

Deshalb müssen ab dem xx.xx.xxxx Geräte mit Webvisualisierung über den Energie Management Server aktiviert werden.