Easy Access

- Each device is equipped with a fixed URL

- Secure access against unauthorized access

- Data encryption by RSA procedures

- Object management

- Object management in groups

- Groups for a closed user area

- Multi-client capability



- Secure update of connected devices

- Groups for a closed user area

- Update management in groups

- Update version management



- Complete backup of all parameters 


Cockpit / Dashboard (Home):

- Number of objects

- Number of objects with devices

- Number of objects offline

- Entire sales area

- Average energy consumption per m² (total)

- Average energy consumption per m² (last 30 days)

- Open tickets

- Climate deviation of the last 7 days

- Overall energy consumption of the last 30 days

- Last messages

- Last opened objects



- Error messages e.g. exceeding and falling short of temperature

- Error message in clear text of air conditioning units which communicate with DigiWEB via a BUS system

- Error message in clear text of ventilation systems which communicate with DigiWEB via a BUS system

- Error message of contact inputs in clear text

- Acknowledgement of the error via EMS

- Time recording of the error

- Saving the error in a log file

- Filter for period of time, device type and kind of error

- Generating a ticket directly from an error



- Annual report about all objects

- Monthly report about all objects

- Annual report about individual objects

- Monthly report about individual objects

- Overview

- Expansion

- Energy consumption

- CO2

- Temperature monitoring

- Customer counter


Ticket system:

- Automatic generating a ticket directly from an error

- Manual generating of a ticket

- Forwarding of a ticket e.g. to craftsmen

- Handing over a ticket

- Appointing a date

- Informing via e-mail

- Searching and filtering of tickets



- Freely selectable periods of time

- Objects can be summarized in groups

- Outside temperatures

- Customer frequency


Object management:

- Overview of the object data

- Object number

- Object designation

- Address

- Freely definable object types

- Freely definable cost centres

- Information on areas. Sales, Stock, etc.

- Dates for date of construction, inauguration, closing and evacuation

- Contacts assigned to the object (e.g. construction manager, electrician or maintenance company)

- Overview of the tickets


Object description:

- Type of illumination

- Number of the electricity meters

- Number of the light circuits

- Freely definable description of the sub-distribution e.g. drawing number

- Freely definable description of the camera system

- Error of the outside temperature, customer counter and article surveillance available?

- Freely definable rooms with designation, error configuration, type of room, area

- Air conditioning unit, air curtain and air system



- Management of the devices, which can be accessed via the Internet such as bluebox, DigiENERGY, DigiWEB CT or CompTrol 4Web

- Monitoring of the on-line time and connection status

- Network setting of the individual devices

- Setting and monitoring of the data backup of the devices connected on-line

- Manual and automatic Firmware update


Individual diagram:

- Freely selectable periods of time

- Outside temperatures

- Customer frequency

- Energy consumptions

- Temperatures of the individual rooms

- CO2 of the individual rooms

- Benchmark diagrams can be freely defined by the customer, such as the energy consumption Depending on the outside temperature



- Updates can be defined for different groups

- Multi-client capable

- User rights can be individually set for each user

- Option to add users to a group

- Assigning user data and company



- Complete address management

- Contacts can be assigned to the objects