In order to make your customers feel comfortable in a shop, not only the products should be presented in optimal light conditions. It is also necessary to create a comfortable temperature and air quality. It is the task of the bluebox made by Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH to implement this and to work efficiently and save energy at the same time.

The bluebox is an energy control system for shops. The system combines different tasks in a control unit and can be easily operated by PC via the Internet. It is possible to control all necessary areas of a shop such as illumination, access control, heating and cooling. Thanks to an intelligent control of the room temperature and optimised switching times of the illumination, the current consumption has been reduced. It saves energy costs and at the same time it protects the environment.

This optimisation of shops is possible due to comfortable timers, recording of the current counters and corresponding consumption charts. They can be rapidly and easily sent to the headquarters for further processing with an email.

The system would be complete with the monitoring of the shops with the option to alarm security services by E-mail or SMS.