DigiWEB is a universally applicable hardware platform with integrated web server for the creation of visualizations for various applications. DigiWEB is an open system for small to medium-sized visualizations.

The DigiWEB 4 module system can consist of up to 15 modules, a CPU module and 14 extension modules, also called Multi-Input-Output Module(MIO). The data exchange between CPU and extension module takes place using an infrared light interface.

Due to the open architecture of DigiWEB we differ significantly from our competitors and therefore have the great advantage that data is available in the original code and can be changed at any time. Furthermore, we are not bound to a specific manufacturer and are constantly expanding the drivers for peripheral devices.

Standard PLC controllers such as: Siemens S7-300®, Siemens S7-400®, Siemens S5®, etc. can be connected to the existing interfaces.