The DigiENERGY system controller takes a comprehensive view of all processes in a heating system. This manufacturer-independent control of heating and solar systems, heat pumps and CHP units enables an efficient use of the primary energy used by controlling all trades with ONE control.

Temperatures, energy consumption, burner starts, pump running times, heat quantities, etc. are continuously recorded in the controller and provide the basis for energy optimization or the introduction of a certified energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. In addition, all data and parameters are visualized, which provides the operator and/or the tradesman with the necessary overview.

In addition, error messages from all trades are sent by e-mail or SMS to the responsible service partner and/or to the operator of the system. The integrated remote maintenance enables remote diagnosis over a secure Internet connection and subsequent manual intervention in the system for error elimination. This saves travel costs and enables a quick response to malfunctions.

DigiENERGY can be operated conveniently using PC, tablet, smartphone or by a fully graphic touch display on the system.